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1st Clarington Baden-Powell Service Association

Scouting the way B.-P. intended

1st Clarington Baden-Powell Service Association is part of BPSA-ON which is an independent scouting association affiliated with many other Baden-Powell Scout Associations around the world, and with other BPSA groups in Canada and the World Federation of Independent Scouts (WFIS). We were established to promote the principles, methods and practices of Scouting as originally laid down by Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting.

The Promise and Law assist youth in learning by doing. We offer a progressive and stimulating program of activities based on participants’ interests. Our program is executed primarily in an outdoor setting in contact with nature.

The Aim of our Association is, as stated by B-P himself, to promote good citizenship and wholesome physical, mental development; and training in habits of observation, discipline, self-reliance, loyalty, and useful life skills.

We are proud as an Association to uphold Lord Baden-Powell’s Scouting ideals and his original program. We preserve Lord Robert Baden-Powell’s original ideas in our programs and methods as much as possible, while progressing with the times and keeping up to date with the very latest technology, child protection, legislation, first aid standards, and safety in outdoor education.

1st Clarington BPSA believes that true traditional Scouting should be available to all, at a cost affordable to all, and therefore we do all we can to keep the cost of traditional Scouting within the means of the youth and families in our local community.

This association lives by B.P.’s original Scout Law. B.P.’s 4th Scout Law reads:

A Scout is a friend to all and a brother to every other Scout

In keeping with the Scout Law, our Association has a policy of goodwill and co-operation with any other Scouting organisation of like minded intent, whether in Canada or abroad. We work in co-operation with many of the other independent Scouting Associations.

If you have any questions about Traditional Scouting in Clarington or about the Traditional Scouting methods and programs, please contact us, we would enjoy hearing from you and will respond to the best of our ability as soon as possible.

The BP Service Association is a Registered Charity with the Canada Revenue Agency.

BPSA-ON is in no way affiliated with, nor part of Scouts Canada or any other WOSM organization.
BPSA – ON is a proud member of the World Federation of Independent Scouts (WFIS).
BPSA is a Licensed Trademark owned by the BP Service Association.