Recently, we have been talking with fellow Traditional Scouters about program ideas including model rockets, and Geocaching with the use of GPS. Often the first thing we hear in response is “What does that have to do with Traditional Scouting?”
While the program set forth by B-P does not incorporate the use of the Telephone, nor computers, mobile devices, television among many other modern conveniences, it does provide a philosophy that one needs to be observant of their surroundings, and smart enough to be able to adjust and be contributing members to our society.
The use of Facebook, Twitter, websites, and social media like instagram is a product of our modern technological age, just as Morse Code and Sign language were important communication tools in B-P’s day.
Facing the facts that some of our timberwolves have smart phones as a necessity of their family situation also leads us to look at teaching technology respect and responsibility. Texting, SnapChat and WhatsApp are not just fads, they are modern communication. And as much a skill to do correctly as what telegraph was at the turn of the last century.
Now I am not influencing anyone to abandon over 100 years of tradition, far from it. The place for skills outside of today’s norms is a form of self discipline that is needed in today’s society, just don’t allow the past to become more doctrine and dogma than direction.


1st Clarington started back in July of 2017 as an idea.  We didn’t know who would be with us and who would not, but we knew that the youth of Clarington, and particularly Courtice needed something that was affordable, and that would provide outdoor environmental stewardship.

Much of the early work to getting the group together I credit to Amie Heaslip.  Her ability to assess, and identify the right opportunities was key for our moving forward quickly to get the group started.

We started with nothing, and both Amie and myself, and later others have put efforts into fundraising, public awareness, and most importantly, financially to get equipment and supplies for the group before we even had registrations.

From the Tikki party in early August, to Black Duck Lake, and then to Emily Park, we got off to a fast start with camps and events.  Our first Fall Fundraising also came and went. We’ve had investiture, and outings to the pumpkin patch, and then Medieval Times.  We had archery night, the Courtice parade, and there is so much more in our plans.

The first half of the Scouting year has gone by so fast, and there are so many opportunities and challenges that lay ahead for us.  We want to thank all the parents and the youth for their participation and for their understanding as we have gotten a great group started.  Now watch us grow!


Scouting is the largest youth movement in the world, and yet a movement that generally does not take enough pride in showing our pride in public.  Let’s change that this year!

on August 1st, no matter where you are or what you are doing, wear your neckerchief as a sign that you are a scout and proud to serve your community.


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