Otters (5 to 7 yr olds)


Their motto is “Busy and Bright”.

The Otters are the youngest section in our Association with children joining at the age of 5 years of age and going to the Timber Wolf Pack at the age of 8. The unit is known as an “Otter Raft” and both boys and girls may join.

Your child will learn about cooperation and getting along with others through non-competitive games, music, campfires, crafts, and outdoor activities including camping. Otters learn useful family skills, community skills, and learn to play safely together. There is a proficiency badge system of four “paws”, a Safety Badge, Service Badge, and a Camping Badge. The highest award is the Swimming Otter Badge.

We do not currently have an Otter section in 1st Clarington. We would love to start an Otter raft if there is enough interest and if we can get at least two parents/grandparents/adults to agree to be Leaders and join in the fun. Please let us know if this is something you would be interested in doing.

Most of the Leaders have youth in the program. The majority of us were in Scouting or Guiding as youths. The amazing experiences we have had, and the lifelong friends we have made along the way have made it one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. If you are interested in going on epic adventures with your child, let us know. We provide full training and some of our Leaders are highly experienced trainers through our past Scouting lives.

We plan to have the Otters camp a few times in the year, with camps being one night camps to ease the youth into camping skills. Otters camp family style with a parent in their tent with them. This allows them to get used to the idea of camping while being with a parent.

Regular meetings will resume in September on Tuesday nights from 6:30 to 8:00 at Emily Stowe Public School.

Our fees for next year are $120.00. This includes weekly dues, insurance, group fees to cover our necker(scarf), and uniform badges. Additional costs are uniform, and camps/activities. We try to keep these costs low by fundraising and utilizing private properties where there is no fee for camps. Camps average $20 per person for the weekend and include food. Some camps and activities may be higher in cost, but you will be given advance notice of those events.