Senior Explorers (15 to 17 yr olds)

Senior Explorers

A section for 15 – 17 year olds in which they become increasingly responsible for their own management and programming. Their motto is “Be Prepared”.

They are encouraged to help with the younger sections and may continue as Patrol Leaders. They complete their First Class and then work on the bushman’s Thong with the highest award being the St George Award, comparable in standard to the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. Senior Explorers focus their attention on First Class Requirements.

Your child will build confidence and skills through outdoor adventures including camping, bike trips, hiking, archery, pelletry, pioneering, first aid, cooking, and canoeing.

Like the Explorers, the Senior Explorer troop is made up of small groups called a patrol with 6-8 members each. Each patrol is lead by a Patrol Leader who is an experienced member of the troop. At camp, under adult supervision, the members of the patrol work together to setup their own campsite, plan their menus, buy food, and cook it. Everyone has opportunities to learn leadership and teamwork skills, and how to take more responsibility for themselves.

The outdoors is where Scouting happens. We will have weekend camps, and other weekend activities, such as hikes, and bike trips.

Our Explorer Troop has begun camping in hammocks in an effort to move to more lightweight gear so that we can do more backpacking trips. This year we began learning American Sign Language (ASL), and Morse code, we went camping four times, visited a corn maze, learned some knots, worked on compass and map work, learned to light fires, to cook on a propane camp stove, how to safely use knives as tools, and of course first aid. We have many more adventures planned for next year. We do not currently have any Senior Explorers but welcome all inquiries about joining our Troop as a Senior Explorer.

Regular meetings will resume in September on Tuesday nights from 6:30 to 8:30 at Emily Stowe Public School.

Our fees for next year are $120.00. This includes weekly dues, insurance, group fees to cover our necker(scarf), and uniform badges. Additional costs are uniform, and camps/activities. We try to keep these costs low by fundraising and utilizing private properties where there is no fee for camps. Camps average $20 for the weekend and include food. Some camps and activities may be higher in cost, but you will be given advance notice of those events.