Timberwolves (8 to 10 yr Olds)


Boys and girls may join this section between the ages of 8 and 11. Their motto is “Do Your Best”.

As a member of the Timber Wolf Pack, your child will participate in outdoor activities, archery, camping, crafts, games, stories, campfires, earning badges, and other activities which will build their confidence and give them opportunities for adventure. The program is built on learning by doing and trying new things, with an emphasis on active outdoor activities.

The program is based on The Wolf Cub’s Handbook by Baden-Powell and The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, a friend of B-P’s. The badge system is based on the Tenderpad to Second Star. New members are called “New Chums” and are quickly invested, becoming Tenderpads. Then they progress then from First Star to Second Star. Finally, the highest award is the Leaping Wolf Badge.

This year we began learning American Sign Language (ASL), and Morse code, we went camping three times, visited a corn maze, learned some knots, worked on compass and map work, and first aid. We have many more adventures planned for next year.

Regular meetings will resume in September on Tuesday nights from 6:30 to 8:00 at Emily Stowe Public School.

Our fees for next year are $120.00. This includes weekly dues, insurance, group fees to cover our necker(scarf), and uniform badges. Additional costs are uniform, and camps/activities. We try to keep these costs low by fundraising and utilizing private properties where there is no fee for camps. Camps average $20 for the weekend and include food. Some camps and activities may be higher in cost, but you will be given advance notice of those events.